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Why Does My Cat Bite Me? Here Is Your Answers

Why does my cat bite me?

Living with a cat can be so easy and, also, we like to share some time playing and caressing them quietly but, it is not so strange even if it could surprise us every time it happens, that our cat attacks us from nowhere.

For no apparent reason, our feline stops feeling good around us and scratches or bites us to let us know this fact. Evidently, this all happens for a reason and, besides, in this cases could be hard to realize which could be the cause of our fluffy’s behavior.

Why does my cat bite me? Here are answers

Why Does My Cat Bite Me?

If you have a domestic feline that sometimes acts like this and you end asking yourself why does my cat bite me? Keep reading this article and discover some possible reasons and what you can do to solve them.

This way, you will not only be able to understand your partner better but also enjoy a beautiful relationship, both of you.

Why Does My Cat Bite Me? Attacks for Health Problems

In general, cats are well known for being great partners to live with people but, with a particular point of independence and sometimes of aggressiveness without apparent reason and, is not so strange to hear that their cats attacked someone for no reason.

But we have to understand that behind every kind of feline’s behavior. There is a cause and, if we want to share our lives with them, we need to try to understand them to the max level in order to know what is OK to do and what is not.

If sometimes you notice that your cat is acting aggressive and bites or scratches you, it’s possible that it has some health problem that may be causing it to be in pain.

There are many illnesses and affections that can make a cat to be aggressive and defend itself from its owners, for example, some illnesses like rabies, a wound that has not fully recovered, arthritis, an ear’s infection or hormonal disorders.

Why Does My Cat Bite Me? Attacks To Protects Their Litter

If there is a group of kitties that still depend on their parents to survive, it’s entirely reasonable that they both, the mother and the father stop you from getting so close to them.

Maternal instinct and hormones will make a female cat protect her kitties at all costs, so, generally, it will defend them without thinking about it twice.

This behavior is even more remarkable in the first week after giving birth and then it decreases little by little. So then, in a few days you will be able to approach your cat and the new kitties quietly, but always being careful and respecting their own space.

Why Does My Cat Bite Me? Game, Being Bored And Excess Energy

Something so familiar living with a cat is to see that it attacks you while playing, but actually, that is because they are hunters and, for this reason, a moving object is a prey so is usual for them to bite or scratch your hands and feet.

This behavior is even more remarkable in kitties, so this way is how they learn to hunt, but we should know how to teach them when to stop and not exceed, and the best way to do it is to stop playing and ignore them.

In the other hand, it could be that a cat of any age attacks you because it has too much energy accumulated or because it is boring, for this reason, is critical to offer them different kinds of entertainment and daily exercise indoors or outdoors.

Why Does My Cat Bite Me? Attacks For Territory Marking

Another motive that responds the question about why your cat suddenly attacks you is that they are animals that defend their territory without thinking too much about it. So, a cat that considers a house as part of its territory can attack visitors or even the owners of the place if it has not been properly educated.

In this case, besides of scratching or biting people, cats can also scratch and piss over the house’s furniture to mark them with their smell. This behavior is very common in cats that have not being sterilized yet.

Sometimes, in the beginning, a cat living in a new home or with a new family may not behave like this, but with the pass of the days it can change the hierarchical order and try to dominate over the owners.

So, if your cat suddenly starts to attack you or sits on top and make fun of you, you must change its behavior with positive reinforcement and even think about sterilization in order to decrease the hormone levels that frequently are the cause of this kind of behavior.

Why Does My Cat Bite Me? Your Cat Wants to Tell You To Stop

If you think that your cat has suddenly become aggressive for no reason while you were caressing it, well, there is for sure a reason, and it is that it wants to tell you to stop doing it.

Many times, felines want to be pet but only in specific parts of their bodies and for a time that seems to be good for them. Sometimes they simply run away or bite and scratch our hands.

Also, it is possible that a cat is actually not used to be pet and you carelessly force your way to touch it, and for this reason, it may suddenly turn around to tell you to stop and run away.

Why Does My Cat Bite Me? Attacks Because of Fear

Another frequent cause about why your cat suddenly attacks you, even more, if it has not been well educated, is to be afraid of something. Sometimes a cat attacks because he/she is afraid of something that may happen to it and it could be caused by a sound or by a sudden movement.

It is a fact that in front of such situations, they first will try to run away but if it cannot see an easy way to escape, they will defend itself from the upcoming menace.

Also, it is possible that our cat attacks us with a focused aggressiveness. It means that because of feeling very scared, frustrated, stressed or angry they need to set free the energy that these emotions accumulate in its body.

Of course, they will do it against the first thing they target. And in so many cases is easy for it to be its owners and not the main reason that actually causes its problems.

What Do I Need To Do When My Cat Bite Me?

Now that you know the possible answers about why your cat suddenly attacks, you may be wondering what you should do about it. In fact, if your cat bites or scratches you without any warning, it will depend completely on the situation that originated the attack.

But, the first thing to do in any of these cases is to get away and let they has their own space in order to stop it from attacking you.

Once you see they are calm, you will be able to get closer to check if it has any health problem and takes it to the veterinary or if the problem is more of a bad behavior thing. Maybe you should be patient and re-educate it with positive reinforcement or even call and specialist in feline’s behavior.

Also, it is important that you know how to identify if your cat will attack you and see the different signs that may help you if the attack from your cat is actually in an offensive or defensive way:


  • She erects its skin and curves its back pushing it up to make it look bigger.
  • She lifts and straightens its tail.
  • She focuses its target on attacking.
  • She keeps its ears up.
  • She contracts its pupils.
  • She goes forward into its target without changing the posture the body.
  • She makes sounds like snarls as a warning signal.


  • She shrinks to look smaller.
  • She hides its tail sticking it to its body.
  • She pupils dilate.
  • Stick its ears to its head.
  • She erects its skin.
  • She doesn’t look directly into its target eyes.
  • She probes with its paws the distance and the possible danger.
  • She makes sounds like hisses.

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